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comment le corps peut-il se guérir?
Est-il possible de vaincre n'importe quelle maladie?


Treatment is performed in Israel. Oren Zarif’s method requires only one 20-minute treatment.
Tutorial video – https://bit.ly/2ZruaPR

The cost of treatment is 300 nis (80$)
Where additional treatment aids are needed, as presented in the tutorial video, the price will be presented to the patient before treatment begins and based on the patient’s specific needs.

As explained, Oren treats all kinds of illnesses without exception.
Due to his busy schedule and many requests, we are unable to continue answering further questions. Any additional questions will be answered by Oren Zarif at the meeting.
To schedule an appointment – https://bit.ly/2XVmKUE

Center branch, Bnei Brak, 12 Jabotinsky St. 1st Floor
Sun., Wed., 09:00-17:00
Fri., 08:00-11:00
Waze – https://bit.ly/2IlkPn5

Scheduling an Appointment – Foreign Residents
We reserve a limited number of appointments for foreign residents despite the clinic’s busy schedule.
Please select one of the days on which the clinic is open and schedule the appointment that best suits you.
Treatment is performed in Israel. Oren Zarif’s method requires only one 20-minute treatment, after which the patient can immediately return to his/her country.
Oren Zarif’s treatment has no side effects, it is an external treatment only.

If you need a visa to Israel, please send us the treatment date, day and time along with a photocopy of the identification document for the patient and escort by WhatsApp to +972-54-308-5358.
We will send the appointment confirmation as soon as possible and you can submit it to obtain a visa to Israel for treatment.

Waze – https://bit.ly/2Zu9nLE